Export Orders

4 October 2021  |  John Dance

Export Orders:

We welcome orders from all across the globe and our team will be more than happy to help assist with arranging your shipment to your preferred location where possible.

For European orders, we are currently able to offer two options:

Delivered Duty Paid (DDP Incoterms):

This method is the most common for shipments and will mostly be undertaken by GLS. We will collect the VAT at your local rate at the point of sale and once the shipment has arrived in your destination country, our carrier will arrange the import clearance and the VAT collected at the point of sale, will be transferred to the carrier to provide a seamless, hassle free final mile delivery. This means that you will not receive any invoices from your local customs agents requesting payment of any duties and VAT that are applicable to the shipment at the time of import.


Delivered At Place (VAT Unpaid) (DAP Incoterms):

This method is less common and is more for pallet shipments. We will not collect any VAT at the point of sale, but a customs invoice will be provided to the carrier at the time of export. This will then be used by your local customs agents to calculate the import VAT and any duties on the shipment that are due at the time of import. These will need to be paid before the customs agents will authorise release of the shipment to you. Failure to process payment of the VAT/Duties to the customs agents will result in the goods being returned to us at additional cost. Should any goods be returned to us due to the import VAT/Duties not being paid in a timely manner, we reserve the right to apply an additional freight charge to the order, or to deduct the returns cost from any refund of the order once the goods arrive back to us.


Business Deliveries

For businesses looking to import our products, it is important to ensure you have provided us with your EORI number through your account. This is crucial as we cannot export to business addresses without your EORI number and will result in delays to shipping your order until we have a valid EORI number to export to.

You can check the validity of your EORI number by visiting the link to the EC Europa page below.



For any further questions about our export services, please email us or fill out the contact form here: https://www.360pac.com/contact