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It is our mission to provide packaging with a 360 product life cycle.  Our products state if Biodegradable Eco Friendly or Eco Friendly Recyclable.

We have recently invested in a new corrugated void packaging machine which allows us to shred corrugated cardboard material into environmentally friendly void fill packaging.

The corrugated cardboard is fully recyclable and allows us to recycle/reclaim waste corrugated material and repurpose this for use in packaging for our shipments. When ready for disposable, this new void filling can simply be placed into recycling.

Our electric provided to our warehouse is 100% green energy. All our forklifts are electric.

This new investment allows us to greatly reduce our requirement for using plastic bubble wrap in our boxes and ensure our parcels are more environmentally friendly. Unfortunately there may be a time where bubble wrap is required and our team will keep this to a minimum.

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